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2003-11-27 | 6:00 p.m.
<< Happy Thanksgiving! >>


Happy Thanksgiving...

We're supposed to go to my uncle's in an hour and celebrate Thanksgiving with the "family" and I'm not even ready yet...

I feel like crap...

But it's worth it...

So we went out last night...and I had fun. It was just Beannie, Cindy, and I. We went to Hooters for Wings and to watch the Mavs play (where they lost big time...shame, shame, shame)...and then we went to Have a Nice Day afterwards. It was packed! When we got there...there was this huge line. But then some cop came up to us and said that they're forming another line for ladies only...and we were the first ones. :-) So we got in right away.

I met a guy last night...and he's really cute. His name's Emilio...and this time I did get his number. Well...he asked for mine. But we both left our phones in the car (not like mine works, anyway)...but before we left I gave him the number because he said he'd remember it in his memory. I really doubted it. I told him he'd forget. But I gave it to him, anyway. And what do you know...he did remember. When I was in my car pulling out the parking phone started ringing...and it was him. I told him "I'm impressed. Didn't think you'd remember." And he said, "I'll remember if I wanted to...and I wanted to remember yours."

Anyway...we danced all night. He's such a cutie. He has a really pretty smile...I think that's what caught me. It's really he has something up his sleeve. I guess we'll see how he turns out.

Esmer wants to go to Despo's tonight...but I dunno. I still feel kind'a tired from last night. But then again...everybody and their mama's are gonna be there. It might be fun. But then might be irritatingly packed. I guess we'll see about that as well.

K...gonna go get ready now. They're grilling some fajitas outside to bring to the uncle's and it smells really yummy....I might just gain a thousand pounds in one day!

Maybe I should dance it off tonight. :-)

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