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2008-01-07 | 8:55 p.m.
<< 2008 already?! >>

Has it really been 5 years since I started this thing???

It's crazy how things can change so much over time...

Well - we now live in Boston...last year was hard with the whole transition...and the culture shock. It felt like I just moved to another country instead of another State! Everything was sooo...different...everything moved faster and people were a lot less...personal, I guess you can say...

But things are starting to pick up now...I have a job that I like....a nice place - although we're still hunting for something to buy within the next 6 months - before the house market start picking back up...

Cadence just turned 3 today!!!

She is as smart as can be...and very beautiful. Sometimes I catch myself just watching her and wondering how she came out so...perfect...

Bry is now in the Boston Fire Dept...and he's lovin' every minute of it. How can he not?! He only works like 2 days out of the week (24 hours shifts, mind you - but 2 days nonetheless). And when he does work, he hopes of catching a good fire.

Cadence goes to dance school every Saturday's a JOY to watch her dance...and she's into EVERYTHING princess...

Anyway...I just thought I'd fill in what's been up with me this last year...I should write more.

I'll try to.


Until then...see ya when I see ya!

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