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2006-06-30 | 3:11 p.m.
<< Too late... >>


Why now? Why tell me this now...three years too late??? I waited for you for 6 years...6 whole years...I put my life on hold...never giving anyone else a hopes that you and I will someday get back together...that SOMEDAY, you will realize that this is it...that we were lucky enough to find it so young...that something this rare should be treasured. But you held back...for what? Because you were worried? Because you didn't want to have to go through the pain of the possibility of losing me? Because you didn't think I was ready? Shouldn't you have thought that I was ready for you at 16...why wouldn't I be ready now? Partying was only a temporary numb the pain for a little while...the pain that you caused for leaving ironic is that? I went out and partied to hide from the loneliness you caused...and in the end, that's what kept you from coming back to me. We shouldn't have been stubborn and we should have let each other know how we felt...rather than pretending we were both okay...and as you said "pushing away all of these emotions"...yes, you're good at that...but you don't have to be. And's too late...I have a family...a family I hold dear...he loves me with all his heart and is willing to do anything for me...we have a baby girl...a beautiful baby girl that I want to grow up happy and healthy - both physically and the only question that still lingers is...why couldn't you do this 3 years ago? This is all I wanted to hear from you...and now it's too late.

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