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2003-12-01 | 5:12 p.m.
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This weekend went by much too fast. Four whole a flash... I ended my last entry on Thursday...let's have a recap:

Thursday night...had Thanksgiving with "the family"...the second cousins sure do grow up fast...I feel so old...I see them all getting older...and I can still see them as babies in their diapers...

I'll probably say the same thing about P.J. when he gets older...

It's amazing how word gets around pretty fast around family matter how long ago you've spoken with them. Everybody knew what I was up to...what I was fixing to do...what plans I have in the future. It's amazing! And pretty annoying sometimes. I knew my mom had everything to do with it. Everytime a cousin or an aunt would come up to me and say, "So...I heard you're going back to the Philippines to take up nursing..." or "So when are you planning on leaving?" I would just look at my mom...and she would smile guiltily...

But all in all...the food was great! Probably gained about a thousand pounds throughout the long weekend...

After dinner, I went to Desperado's with Esmer and her brother's girlfriend. It was okay. We danced and drank. But it was just okay. I kind'a wasn't feelin' it. Maybe because I was still too tired from the night before. It was pretty packed, though. Being the Holidays and everything.

Friday morning...woke up at 9 to do battle with the other shoppers. It was a blood bath out there! I figured I'm always late with the whole Christmas shopping I might as well start early. And I did a pretty good job, if I may say so myself. I've only got a little bit left to go. Yay me!

Friday night...I just wanted to chill. So we invited Jimmy (my young 'un) and his friends over at Miro and Marissa's and we played some games. We played "ride the bus" (this game will f*ck you up!) and then I bought "Jenga-Truth or Dare"....pretty gutsy have to be drunk to play it...which explains the whole "Ride the Bus" game...

So I just wanted to chill...but I guess my friends had another idea in store for me. They kept picking on me! They kept making me drink during the whole "Ride the bus" thing...and then when it came down to Jenga...we had made up this where if you knock down the blocks you have to chug your drink. I swear someone kept bumping into the table everytime it came down to my turn!

Needless to say...I passed out on the couch yet again...

So I guess I have to explain Jimmy and the whole "young 'un" comment. He's so freakin' cute...but he's also so freakin'...young. :-) We all went to Fiesta in San Antonio last April...and that's where I met him. I had passed out at the hotel room on a Friday night (from being tired, not from being drunk) and when I woke up...there was a party going on in my very room...and there he was...just sitting there. And I thought he was the cutest thing ever. I didn't find out he was 20 until we went to the club the next day and I saw a huge "X" on his hand! And me being 23....I don't think it's right. So we stayed friends...and I call him my 'young' un'....if only he wasn't so freakin' 20...I'd absolutely go for him. Well...not really...he's the heartbreaker type. But he's so smooth. Everytime we talk on the phone he'd make me laugh and I'd tell him he's a dork...and he always says, "That's alright. You can call me whatever you want. As long as I make you smile." Sweet.

My Saturday and Sundays were strictly devoted to moving. We moved closer to my job...and it felt really nice having to drive only 15 minutes to work instead of an hour. Nice. And it was even nicer to be able to go home for lunch, which I did today.

Spent entirely way too much money this weekend...still have to spend some more. This month is very pricey. And so will next month with that cruise coming up. I need more money!!!

Can't money just grow on trees? :-)

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