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2003-08-18 | 5:19 p.m.
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Man....we've had one CRAZY weekend! But it was fun...LOL. Let me start with Thursday.

After work (at Dillard's) I went to Mike's and saw Pete for a little bit. But he got mad at me because as soon as I got there, my phone would not stop ringing! Everybody and their mama's were calling basically I was on the phone from the time I got there to the time I left. Which was pretty messed up, I know. But I apologized for it. On top of that, I told him I wasn't gonna stay long because I had to clean my house because Lorena was coming...and then Cindy calls and says that they're getting ready to go to Despo's and to get my ass over there. So I told her I was on my way. I didn't even stay long. And I felt sooo bad. Anyway, I think he's over it now though. As far as my Thursday night was concerned, it was FUN! We got there a little too late so we didn't get to go to Despo's cause they had already reached their capacity and weren't taking any more people we just went to the club next door to it. It used to be where you can go to both Despo's and this other club cause there was a door connecting it, but they closed the door down. Dunno why, but we didn't even know that till we got there. Anyway, we met some guy who bought us drinks all night. He started a tab and kept buying us shots and stuff...until finally I had to tell him no more...LOL. Let me see...who all was me, Cindy, Paula, and Laura. We were just dancing our butts off. I did not get home till past 4 in the morning and still had to get my butt up at 7 to go to work! Needless to say, I was TIRED!

Friday, I got out of work at a little after 12:30...and Lorena was already in town waiting for me. So I met her up at the Radio Shack by my house and then we dropped her car off at my mom's and we took my car to the mall. I bought some pants for that night and this cute black purse to match my outfit. We just kept walking and then we got lost cause we forgot which entrance we went through...LOL. Anyway, after that we went to E's and just chilled there for a little bit...then we went and bought some drinks so we can get our buzz on while we're getting ready and Stephanie met up with us at E's later on. We got ready, then went to Nelson's to pick up the cruise money(they all thought he looked good, by the way). He had some Vodka and we made Lorena and Stefanie take shots...Lorena ended up taking two (Ugh! LOL) and Stephanie took one, but she thew it up on Nelson's floor! was funny. Anyway, after that we went to the concert. But we had to make a quick stop to Walgreens before that cause I had to use the restroom...LMAO! Anyway, we were already crunk by the time we got there. But we had fun. We danced our butts off and chilled with the guys afterwards. We took some pretty cool pics, but I don't like how I came out on any of them! Anyway, we went to the hotel afterwards and ended up spending the night there. I just crashed out! I was sooo tired. Andrew fell asleep next to me...LOL. I was actually on the other bed at first, but Brandon tried to get I was like, "Oh, hell nah." And moved to the other bed. And then afterwards Drew came and he was like, "Can you scoot over a little, please?" And he sat down...and then afterwards he asked if I can scoot over some more and he laid down and we all fell asleep. It was cool. He's the type of guy who won't try nothing on you, that's why I feel comfortable sleeping next to him. Anyway, Saturday we were all sooo tired we just chilled. We went to visit Lorena's aunt in Red Oaks for a little bit and that's it. The rest of the day we just chilled at Esmer's. Sunday she went home and I went to work. I stopped by Mike's afterwards to chill with Pete so he would quit getting mad at me...LOL. All in all, it was a pretty good weekend.

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