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2003-08-14 | 4:20 p.m.
<< No Foam Party.... >>


Well, I'm just here at work munching on some sunflower seeds...LOL. I have to work at Dillards tonight (and I don't wanna)...but I just keep thinking of it this way. Two more weeks and I'm out! But I sure am gonna miss that extra paycheck. :-( But I was thinking...If anything, I can always get a part-time job as a cocktail waitress or something. Anyway, I was supposed to go to the Foam Party at Have a Nice Day last night, but I didn't get out of work till about 9:30...and I still had to go get ready. Plus, Cindy couldn't come after all and she's my designated driver...and it was raining. So when I got out of work, I was just like, "Nah, there will be other foam parties we can go to." So after work, I just went to the gym to go visit Pete for a little bit. Anyway, I took a half day tomorrow. I'll be getting off at about 12:30 cause Lorena's coming from Houston and I'm gonna go meet up with her. So we'll probably go to the mall and then go chill with the guys during the day before their concert or something. They should be getting here tomorrow during the day, too...and Roy said that they're staying at the Sheraton. He wants to go to Six Flags! Can you believe that?! I told Lorena that it'll be too hot! So we'll probably just go meet up with them to see what they're gonna end up doing after all and then see if we still wanna chill with them or not. And then Saturday, we don't know what we're gonna do yet...but we're gonna have some FUN! LOL. I'm supposed to work at Dillard's, but I'm gonna call in (he, he, he)...Well, hopefully everything goes as planned. I guess we'll see....

By the way, did I tell you about the guy I work with that we're training??? He usually works night shifts, but he's here during the day all this week for the training stuff. And MAN! He looks GOOD! We kept playing with each other all day He's a DORK...but a FINE dork.

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