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2004-01-20 | 5:58 p.m.
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Today has been kind'a crazy...

That triflin' girl e-mailed me trying to start some drama...I'm sorry, but I'm not buying it. We're at work. I'm not fixing to argue at work -- specially through e-mail wherein I can get in trouble for it.

Wanna know the story? Here it is...

So she e-mails me with the subject line: Do you have a second to talk?

At this point, I already knew...this girl was up for some drama. Just leave me alone already!!!

So I e-mailed back and said, "Sure. What's up?" Then she goes, "Can you call me @ 4704 I'd rather talk to you about it. Or if you have a number that I can call you on, let me know." So then I said, "You can call me on my cell phone after work if you'd like. What is it about?" And then she said, "I was just wondering what the deal with everybody was on the boat. One day were all cool then one day were not. I'm a little too old to be childish about the whole situation so I just wanted to talk to you about it especially since we both work for Avaya. I've heard a bunch of things from people on the boat and I just wanted to get it all straight instead of listening to he said/she said stuff. Honestly, it's no big deal, but I just thought I'd bring it up."

Okay...what is this girl talking about?! First of all, I didn't hang out with anyone from my company at the boat. I hung out with MY friends. All NINE of them! I had no time to gossip on the boat. I was having too much fun! If anything...she was the one trying to get into OUR business by knocking on my door every damn day and asking for Nelson.

Anyway, I wanted to say soooo much stuff. And I would ask my friends from work what I should do. And they said that she sounds kind'a psycho and to just leave it alone. Because I don't need that mess at work.

So then I just put, "I honestly haven't heard anything. I thought everyone had a great time on the boat."

Then she replied back and said, "O.k. That's cool. Problem solved."

Just leave me the f*ck alone!

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