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2003-12-12 | 4:36 p.m.
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Yesterday was just a VERY FULL DAY...So much has happened...good and bad...and I dunno...I guess I just feel like I have to write it all down and sort everything out, you know?

Anyway... Eric called me on Wednesday night to let me know that they were leaving and should be getting to Dallas in the morning. And I told him that I have a half day and would be getting off at one. Anyway...he called yesterday at around 11 a.m. to let me know they were here already...and that they were staying Downtown at the 1104. So when I got off at 1, I kidnapped Cindy and went over there. I get lost around downtown with all their freakin' one way streets and would NEVER attempt a suicide by going there alone. So...I picked up Cindy from her job and we went. And it was fun. The guys were sleeping when we got there and I guess we woke them up. :-)

So I met J.P. for the first time. And what can I say? He looks good. We kept eyeing each other throughout the afternoon, and I guess Eric could sense that. Eric on the other hand...I guess he was expecting everything to still stay the same between us. But the thing's not. He has a family now. And I can't be the one looking bad because I'm with him, you know? So I guess I was acting a little distant. And he could sense that. I told them that I was hungry, so we went to some cafe across the street and had some chicken strip dinner...Eric's treat. J.P. and Richard didn't go with us...and they kept making comments like, "If you don't want us to go, Eric...we're not gonna go. Just bring us back something." And then when we were leaving, Eric told them that if anything if soundcheck comes leave him a note. And I told Eric to just give J.P. my number so that he can call if anything happens...and J.P. said, "Oh, trust me...if I had your number, I'd be calling you all the time." And I turned around and said, "What?" and he just started laughing and said nothing...and Eric said, "Cock blocker!"

So I guess that was the start of it...and the night ended up in a huge melodramatic scene...that I'll explain later.

Anyway...when we were at the Cafe...J.P. called my cell (I guess he had it all along) and started singing "Oh, Joanna...oh, Joanna..." in the tune of "Donna." It was funny and I started laughing...and Eric's like, "Who's that?" And I said, "It's your boys." And he said, "Tell him to quit cockblocking." Anyway, J.P. was like, "Hey, tell Eric that Richard and I are wasting away here...and we don't have anything else to hold on to but each if he can please hurry up with the food." They were just being funny...

So when we went back...we were hanging out some more...just playing around...laughing. The boys were dissing on each other...then they started getting on this heated discussion....all starting with "If we're coming to see the show." And we said, "No, cause it's 30 bucks." And Eric said, "But they go and see Kingz1 play." And then J.P. got all butt hurt and said, "Oh, so y'all go see Kingz1 play, but y'all won't see us play. I think we're actually worth 30 bucks." And I said, "It's not's just that I have to save up for my cruise." And then they started arguing because Eric said he wouldn't pay 30 bucks to see them play right now, either...and then J.P. said that was messed up...cause he's dissing on his own Cindy and I just looked at each other and I said, "Okay, okay...we'll go!" And then J.P. said, "If it's just the 30 bucks, then we'll see if we can get y'all in so you can see us. But you better have some pom-pom's and be cheering or something!" Anyway, he asked if I had a sister, and I said, "Yeah." And he was like, "Older or younger?" And I said, "She's younger. She's 21." And he said, "Does she look like you? Cause if she does, then hook me up! Cause you're cute." And I said, "Thanks. yeah, she looks like me, but she's married."

We left a little after that...cause Cindy still had to logout. :-) And then we went to see Lolo's Christmas was cute! Seeing those little kids make me smile. Because it reminds me of way back in the days when I was little...and didn't have to worry about anything.

Eric called me when I was taking Cindy to get her car from her job...and he asked if anything was wrong with me. I said, "No, what makes you say that?" And he said, "I don't know. You're just acting different. Is it because I'm married now?" No, Eric...I'm just being a b*tch! I said, "Well...yeah...that and you have a kid now." And he said, "Okay, that's fine. We'll still hang out and stuff though, right?" And I said, "Yeah...we'll hang out." And he said, "Well, are y'all coming back? We don't play till 12:30"...and I said, "Yeah, let me go do some stuff first...and change...and then we'll go back there and hang out before you guys play."

So I thought he understood...but I guess he didn't....

Anyway...Cindy talked to Sandy...and Sandy wanted to go....then Stefani called me...and she wanted to go! We couldn't say no, of they went with us. Cindy just met up with us back at the hotel...and Sandy and Stef rode with me in my car. It turns out...the guys can only get me and another friend (which would have been Cindy) in...and I couldn't diss the other 2 I told them I can't do that so we'll just go somewhere else while they play and we'll meet up with them afterwards.

While we were chillin' before their concert...Eric was already in a pissy mood. He kept saying, "I just want to get this done and over with and go home to my son." And I'm like, "Okay...just chill out." I think he was getting mad cause the guys kept on talking to me. J.P. was saying that he was hungry for some tacos...and I told him there was this bad ass place off's 24 hours...and it's a little rinky dink place...but their tacos are sooo freakin' good! And he kept telling me to shut up and trying to tickle me. Then he was holding his phone...and I'm like, "Is that a picture phone?" And he said, "Yeah." And he said, "Hey, turn around." And I looked at him (I had my face turned towards the t.v.) and he took a picture of me and saved it in there. I told him, "I hope you didn't do what you just did cause I hate taking pictures."

Then Nino came in and HE started playing with me. He was like, "How old are you?" And I said, "I'm 23." And he's like, "Damn! You don't look 23." Then we started talking about maybe going to DMX...and he was like, "Oh, I just KNOW you're not fixing to go to DMX without me!" And I said, "Yup...we sure are. I'm fixin' to have me a couple of Hurricanes." And he said, "Girl, you don't know nothin' about those hurricanes!" And I said, "Boy, try me!" We just kept going back and forth like that...and then he was like, "So, you're not gonna come see our show?" And I said, "Why would I want to do that when I can get a private performance right here?" Then J.P. said something about..."Give her a sample, Nino." And Nino started breakin' it down. :-)

And Eric was still in a pissy mood....

We went to the club at around 12:30...danced...drank a few...and then went back and chilled with the guys at around 3:00...

Cindy went home after the club...and we kind'a lost Sandy somewhere on the way (She had picked up her truck first...and we were just supposed to follow her...but Stef almost rear-ended her car with my car while Sandy was she had to swerve to the other lane...and needless to say...we missed the exit. So we lost Sandy.

Well, before that...we were gonna go ahead and grab some tacos and I had called J.P.'s phone to see where they were at and to find out if they wanted some tacos. J.P. said that they were already back at the hotel...and that he wanted to come with me to get the tacos...and he was just gonna go take a shower. Then Eric calls back a few minutes after and asks where we're at...and I said, "We're gonna go get some tacos. I told J.P. to ask y'all if you wanted some." And then Eric had said, "Yeah...J.P. said that he wanted to go with y'all, but just go ahead and go since y'all are already there...and we'll just give you the money when you get here."

So we didn't get the tacos...cause we lost the person who knew where it was at...

Stef and I went ahead and went back to the hotel...and I told the guys, "Sorry...we couldn't get the tacos." J.P. was outside talking to some girls and he said, "I told you I was gonna go with you!" And I said, "Well, we lost the girl who knew where they were at." Anyway...I went into the room...and some girl was massaging Eric's back...and I didn't really care (surprisingly)...Rodney had told me to talk to Eric...and I said, "No, Eric's busy right I'll let him be busy." I guess he heard that...cause no more than 5 minutes later...the girls left. That still didn't change my decision.

I've made up my mind. Friends. That's it. And nothing...NOTHING can change it!

Anyway...Eric still kept trying to hug on me and stuff...and I would just push him away. Yes, I was being distant. I'll admit that much. And yes, I was openly flirting with J.P....I'll admit that much as well.

I moved and sat on a chair across the t.v. cause I was watching "Sweet Home Alabama." And J.P. had sat on the chair next to mine...and started whispering in my ear. He said, "You don't like Eric, do you?" And I whispered back and said, "He's married." And then he whispered back and said, "Did y'all used to talk?" And I said, "Yes. A long time ago." Anyway...I guess that must have blown Eric up...cause he just got up and said, "Okay, we need to talk. Let's go outside." In my mind, I was like..."What the hell is his freakin' problem?" And I said, "Fine. Let's talk."

Oh, no....he didn't start this with me....because he just started something that he obviously can't finish.

So we went out in the hallway...down the the phones...and "talked"...I guess his idea of talking is yelling...and not letting me get a word in the conversation. He just kept going on and on about how I disrespected him...and that I should just leave before he says anything that he'll regret. And that blew me up like you couldn't possibly imagine.

When we were walking back towards the room, I said, "Fine! Then I'll just leave! But if you think "I" disrespected YOU...what the hell have you done to me all this f*ckin' time?! Did I start anything with you when you told me you had gotten married?! No!!! I told you as long as you're happy! What the hell did I ever do to you?! What the hell am I doing right now that's disrespecting you?! You have NO RIGHT to be mad at me! NO F*CKIN' RIGHT! You have a wife at home who's waiting for you...and a kid. I'm not going to be the b*tch who's going to break all that...and I'm certainly not going to be your w*ore! I deserve better than that!"

Boy...he got quiet! He said, "I'm sorry. Let's just squash this. I shouldn't have blown up on you like that...I know."

Anyway...we talked a little longer than that...I told him he had that one coming...and that he shouldn't have started it. This boy made me cry!

Anyway...after a while...we finally went back in the room...and well, well, well...guess what I found?!

J.P. was "wrestling" with Stef...My, my, my...what a sight. And I know I shouldn't even be jealous...but I couldn't help myself. And I knew that he probably did that because he noticed the drama going on and more than likely heard the "conversation" going right outside the the hallway...

But made me mad regardless...

And I just went to bed and tried to fall asleep...and when he moved to where we were laying...

I told him to "go away."

Before we left...he said, "Joanne. I just want you to know that it's nice to meet you. It really is. And I know I probably won't be seeing you for a while. So I just wanted to let you know." And my buzzed...irritated ass said, "Yeah. It was nice meeting you, too...I guess."

Maybe he noticed I was irritated with him...he probably did...

I told Rodney as I walked out that he's the sweetest person ever...because he really, really is....

So...there goes my day...and my night...

I went home at 8 o'clock this morning EXHAUSTED!

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