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2006-02-23 | 7:32 p.m.
<< One more season... >>


As summer comes to an end, I wonder if I'll ever get through it without you...I count the days, but a year seems like after another excruciating day, the leaves off the summer trees slowly turn yellow...the humid air turns slightly cool...and football season comes...along with that cool crisp air...and summer turns to fall.

Halloween comes and goes...and merges into Thanksgiving. Summer is now a distant memory along with the leaves on the now bare trees. Christmas comes with its bone-chilling air. Jingle bells...Christmas carols...mistletoes...without you to share them with, it all seems less magical.

Now I'm awaiting Spring...every day that passes, I see a glimpse of it slowly emerging. Once again, the leaves will slowly grow out of the will bloom...the cold, crisp air will turn slightly cool and breezy.

And once the summer heat rolls around...becoming slightly unbearable...I will know...that soon you will be coming home to us.

All I have to do is overcome one more season.

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