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2006-02-01 | 9:06 p.m.
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As I drive home from work, an old, familiar song comes on the radio...a song I used to play with my friends in the car...a song that reminded me of "home". With that, I decided to put in one of the old c.d.'s I had in the I haven't heard in the longest, so it seems. As the first song continue to play and fade into the second song, I start seeing the old familiar surroundings I used to drive old route from my old job...on my way "home". I see the Wal-mart to the right as well as the Renaissance Hotel just before I hit the interstate....I see overpasses, underpasses, loops, and turns...I see the old familiar billboard to my right about the "fun ship"...I pass through Speed Zone and the race cars...the bungee jumping tower...I head on into loop 12...see Humperdinks to my left...I pass through that open road that leads me straight into I-20...I pass the Arkansas Exit...Desperado's to my right...the Cedar Hill Exit where the Jack in the Box is located in the corner...then Carrier Pkwy...I exit, make a right....pass a couple of stop signs...see Domino's on my left...Then I see that old familiar street...make a left, make a quick left, curve to the right....and there it is...the old familiar two-story house...with a basket mounted above the garage for some ball on sunny days...the tree in the yard...the light in the kitchen on the first floor is on which meant my mom was cooking...something good, I bet...something that will make me complain about gaining 10 pounds after I over-eat...I'm sure the t.v. is blaring in the living room...dark and cozy, with only the den light sister watching t.v...I am going straight up to my room, changing into some comfy sweats, grab some food that my mom's cooking, and join my sister in the living room and watch some t.v...and laugh and giggle during the mind takes me back to the song playing on my old c.d...and I look around to an open overpasses or loops...just a flat, open road...a hill here or there...I look around and see no familiar buildings...just an open field...a barn house here and there...and I know...that one day...I will re-create that feeling...for Bry, for me, for day, we will know how it feels to be "home."

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