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2005-12-17 | 8:04 p.m.
<< I'm practical! >>


LOL...I'm a "Practical" lover...

How Exciting are You in Bed?

Your Results:


All your relationships are based on friendship, and you always have your eye on the future. You and your partner have common goals and interests that have helped you build a stable, enduring relationship. "You are the sort of person that sets goals and meets them, but you can get swamped by your responsibilities and lose your emotional balance," says David Klimek, a clinical psychologist in Ann Arbor, Michigan. And you avoid risk, which means you and your man could fall into a rut. If the routine is getting to you, then try spicing things up -- put on that slinky red dress that's languishing in the back of your closet, or make plans for a weekend getaway. Romance, after all, doesn't have to feel like another chore!

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