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2005-12-17 | 7:51 p.m.
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Is Long Distance Romance for You?

Your Results:

You can handle it, but you don't like it very much.

Okay, so you prefer your guy closer to home. You like a hand to hold, another mind to bounce things off of, and somebody to cook for you -- or, at least, with you. But that's not happening right now, so you're trying to look on the bright side.

You love the walloping high of reunions with your long-distance lover, the intense romance, and the love notes. When he's not there, you openly revel in holding the remote and watching Cinematherapy on the Women's Entertainment network while eating popcorn for dinner.

When the girls go out after work, you're right there, lifting a margarita. But if a few silver-haired millionaires should float over from the bar to join you, you might feel a little bit sulky. Sometimes you wonder if all this chastity and devotion to your long-distance guy is worth it. If you weren't watching Lifetime TV, could you be out hunting for a guy who is richer/taller/funnier/smarter/has more hair? Or maybe one who would surprise you with a spontaneous date? Be honest, now!

"There has to be an equal commitment from both people," says romance coach Leslie Karsner, founder of and author of The Long Distance Romance Guide (, $11.95) "You both need a willingness and a wanting to put forth this extra effort. There should be an end in sight; you should always schedule the next time you're going to get together."

Also, she recommends: "Both partners should truly have a life of their own, social and physical diversions. It's not just about being busy, but about really being involved in something rewarding. To make this work, you also have to surround yourself with people who are willing to stay supportive, even other couples who are friends who'll invite you out on Friday night."

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