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2005-10-28 | 3:13 p.m.
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Heya baby,
thanks for the email...pffff...the enote more like it. just kidding,
know you're at work and have way more important things to do than to
say, ten minutes to write to me. OF course I know that you eat a full
lunch, which takes about 35 minutes to put down in a sitting, so there
leaves no time at all to belly up to the computer to jot down a few
to your war torn husband in Iraq. It's really fine baby. Cuz I know
all I have to do is wait for you to get home and use the internet where
will gladly fill page after page of love and joy for me to
that? HUH? Oh internet at home. must have just
forgot about me till the last second (cuz I know you can type75 words a
minute) of the day to send me a little, tiny, spec of reading
which I read word and letter of every line, lovingly and devotedly as
husband. This of course is after working all night, skipping a meal to
the over quarter mile in the dark to get to this computer...well, I had
flash light. But really, thank you Joanne.

Just kidding baby. I miss you a lot. I just hope you don't get used
staying at home alone, and that you don't feel as though I am intruding
kinda, when I come back. I mean a year is a very long time. You will
routines that I am sure I will affect when I am home at nights...things
h ad been doing for months beofre I get back, that you won't really
appreciate me screwing with. I have no doubt that I will do my best to
back in. I will try and ease back into your lives the best I can
busting into things. Ya know what I mean though? I don't know...I am
worried about coming home I guess. It never bothered me before, then
I never had anyone to bother when I got home either. I mean when I go
to my parent's house,'s my parents. I bugged them for YEARS
before I left for the Army, they can deal with me visiting them! I am
worried about you and Cadence. Especially you more than Cadence. I
know I
will be another fun part of her life that she can goof off with when I
home. I am just worried about doing the right things with you when I
home. I hoep this thing doesn't change me too much...I am sure it
won't. I
know it's going to change you though. By that I mean the things that I
already, you will expect to have certain things a certain way when you
home, leave for work..on the weekends...I don't know baby. I do know
that I
love you though. I love you very much Joanne.
Baby, I don' t know what we are going to do about my parents now. I
surely not going to ask them to move to Boston with us...get a big
house and
all that. I know my parents worked all thier lives to get out of
and they made it. I wouldn't dare ask them to come back, no matter how
it helped us, or how nice a house we could get. Should they ask when I
back, I will absolutely say yes. But I doubt they will. Don't count
them for it's too much to ask. We will be fine on ourown,
a small apartment at first, and then getting a little house through the
benifits. Then after a while, and hopefully they change the having to
IN Boston rule of being a fire fighter, we will sell our little house
move to a better place...hopefully before Cadence is ten or so. I
well you especially know how hard it is to fit in a new environment at
age. I know how it is at 14. We moved to the country then, and
might as well have been another continent! I am just in worry mode
for some reason.
So have you thought about sending any Halloween cards out? If I were
I would do that, but I am I have to depend on you for that
I wish we had damn everyone's address still. I am just going to send
to everyone. That is good enough I guess. But I would really be
if you would please send one to my parents and maybe my brother...and
course if you would like to send Uncle Larry, and Gail one...oh and
Bill one too? I would so appreciate it baby. I know it's a pain...I'M
pain...I know this. If you don't I won't be mad or anything...just a
thought. I just wish I was home to do all this, even when we are right
the street from everyone I will still do that! I can't wait. I am
such a
family guy dad! I can't wait to decorate for every holiday, and throw
parties at our house with family, and then friends stay when all the
foggies leave in the early evening. Or maybe, just let Cadence go over
parent's house so you and I can sip hot IRISH coffee by the fire on our
thick blankets with the only other light is the Christmas tree
twinkling in
the living room. I will pull the blinds back so we can watch the light
the street lights bounce off the snow lightly falling on a rare quiet
in the Boston streets. THEN! In the morning, I will shoot over to MA
Dad's house and steal Cadence away so we can go to a HUGE breakfast in
favorite Mom and Pop's diner, and then work it off by making snowmen in
park. Cadence and you will more than likely get very cold very fast,
so I
will have to work a masterpiece of a snowman as fast as I can in order
get you guys into the truck and head home for some hot chocolate, and
rubs. Oh, I can't wait to sit with you on the couch, while we finish
warming our old bones up and watch Cadence play with her new toys she
just opened the day before. What a picture I have huh?! I just can't
for us to be US!
I love you Joanne!

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