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2005-10-26 | 2:08 p.m.
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Dear Mrs. Jeppson,
My name is SGT Bryan Murphy, and I am SPC Jeppson's Section SGT. First off,
SPC Jeppson is fine, nothing is wrong at all. I wanted to let you see that
before your imagination got the best of you. Now, saying that, have this for
you ma'am. Since we've landed in country, SPC Jeppson has been talking of
nothng but going on convoys, and trying to volunteer for everything he can.
This is great as far as the Army is concerned, however, I have told him that
nobody in my section is going to do go on ANY convoys while I am in charge.
Should the order come down that I NEED to give a guy up for a convoy, it will be
me before I risk one of my soldiers. The bottom line is that I refuse to put any
of my guys in jeapordy, and will fight for that when the time comes. He knows
this, yet he persists on begging on going on this convoy we may have coming up.
Last night, after another bout with him on why he can't go on a convoy, I told
him that I wanted your email address. When he asked why, I told him that I will
ask your mother and if she says you can go, Benny you can go. Before you make
your desicon, please take a few moments to turn on CNN for the next four
minutes... I will wait.
Now, after seeing what is going on here, outside our safe gates, I will ask
you for myself and SPC Jeppson. Mrs. Jeppson, can Benny go on the next convoy,
and any convoys in the future? All I need is a simple yes or no ma'am, as I do
not require a reason. I already know, as I told him, that your answer will be
no. If you would be so kind as to explain to him why he can't go on a convoy, I
would greatly appreciate it because when I tell hm it doesn't sink in.
Thank you very much for you time.
SGT Bryan L. Murphy


Dear SGT Bryan L. Murphy,
I didn't need to watch CNN to know that I DO NOT want Ben to go on a convoy
unless it is absolutely a required duty. So my answer is NO!
Thank you for your concern for his safety. I appreciate all you are doing. If
you had the time to read I would send you a huge email expressing my thanks to
you and my concerns for Ben. But, I know that your time is filled with many
important matters and so hopefully you can read between the lines and know that
my heart is full of tender emotions and appreciation for all that you are
sacrificing to protect my family and my way of life.

Respectfully Yours,

Jeannette Jeppson

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