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2004-12-09 | 6:53 p.m.
<< Preparing for Cadence... >>

Thursday...'s already Thursday...and I haven't even had time to update this thing!

Bry came home earlier than expected. They sent him home on Sunday because they didn't realize that I was so far along...and they didn't want him out in the field if I happened to go and have the baby I was psyched...

Cynthia's here right now...I think she's staying for the month...hopefully she'll still be here when Cadence is born...33 more days...and counting...

I'm already wondering how she's going to look like...and every time I feel her kick or move, I just wonder all the more...I can't wait!

So Cynthia and I ran a muck on Saturday...went and ran errands...had lunch at my favorite buffet place...then went to the PX and looked for stocking stuffers for Bry...and then tried to catch a movie to no avail...and went to Chili's for some appetizers...and a Smirnoff for her...and a Virgin Daquiri for me... :-)

Sunday morning, Bry got home...and I was soooo happy...I couldn't even sleep the night before cause I was so excited...we went to Hooters for lunch, then went to the mall to start looking for Christmas presents for each other...then we all went to the movies to see "Alexander"...

So Bry FINALLY put the crib together last night...and when I got home, we all put the crib bedding set on's soooo cute! He's going to put up the matching curtains this weekend...and we're picking up the bureau from Babies R' Us this Saturday so I can start organizing her things...

Hopefully this month should go by pretty quick...with Christmas and all...and before I realize it, Cadence will be here! :-)

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