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2004-06-18 | 10:47 a.m.
<< And already things are changing... >>


Mine and Cynthia's E-mail on Wednesday...

Cynthia: Hey, I'll be there later tonight to get my stuff. But just want you to know, that I did not say for ya'll to wait out there for me. I wouldn't do that. When Jeanne called and said ya'll were there I did say for ya'll to come in for 2 min. but when she said that you'll would just wait for me out there I was going to come out. Then Fernando said he would take me so I told Jeanne to go ahead and go and i would go later on. I wouldn't have had ya'll waiting out there. Maybe she misunderstood, but I did tell her to go and I would go later on. But I'll go tonight.

Me: That's fine. I wasn't mad that we were waiting out there. I was just tired and falling asleep in the car. And she told me that the game will be over in 2 minutes and that you'll be out afterwards. So when you hadn't come out in 15 minutes, that's when I called. I didn't even know that Fernando was there and I knew Paula had the kids and wouldn't be able to take you. Had I known that Fernando was there, I would have known that he'd take you. The only thing was that I didn't know why you were so mad because I was only picking you up like you had told me to. Anyway, I'm going to my mom's after work so I can eat. But just call tonight whenever you want to come.

Cynthia: Well if I had been waiting outside for 15 minutes I would have been mad. So when you called and I asked where you were and you said outside, I was like man she's going to be pissed. And it made me mad because I knew you were frustrated from waiting, but I had told you'll to leave. Maybe I was just mad at myself, I hate asking for crap especially when crap like this happens. Well I'll just call and see when you're home.

Me: Okay, just call whenever. I just thought you were mad because I was picking you up and you didn't want to leave yet. But you know I'd go in there and hang out with you guys if I wasn't so tired all the time. I can't help it. And it's not like I don't want to go out with y'all or hang out with y'all, but like Paula said last week, "I'm pregnant so I'm out of the loop now." And I know that and I feel bad, but sh*t happens. I just don't want y'all to think that I'm trying to ruin y'alls fun or anything.

Cynthia: Nah I wasn't mad cause of that, I'm the one who told you to pick me up. And I was going to go with ya'll even if I missed the last 2 minutes but that's when Fernando said he would drop me off. And right when you called the game was over and he was about to take me when you called. But I wasn't mad because of that, I just didn't know you were outside waiting, I thought you'll had left. And you're not ruining no one's fun. I've been where you're at right now and I know how you feel. You'll get over it, and we're just waiting til it's over. That's why the days when you are in a good mood and not tired we take advantage. And we might joke around but we don't mean it seriously, well at least i don't because like I said I went through the same exact stage. But we're not trying to make you feel bad, we're happy for you. Just yeah we miss that you hang out with us, and might tease you, but we're just playing.

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