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2004-06-18 | 1:30 p.m.
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E-mail from Bryan yesterday...I thought this was so sweet I just had to put it here...Awww....

Good morning Joanne,

I just wanted to tell you that I love you baby. I want you to know how strongly I feel. You are the most special person in my life, and you are carrying the second most important person in the whole world to me. I love you both with all I am. I am going to be thinking of you all day, and I had to let you know that this morning. I hope you have a good day, and feel better as it goes on. Everytime you feel sick, or tired, just think of how happy we are going to be in a few short weeks, never mind how our lives are going to be blessed when our little girl is born. When I think about that, I am whole day is brightened up. I am so glad I found you Joanne, and I am even more happy about how we have evolved in such a short time. I am going to be your husband Joanne, and I promise to make you as happy as I can.

I love you,


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