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2004-06-15 | 4:48 p.m.
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So...I told my mom last night...

Bryan made me! It was actually pretty funny...last night he asked if I told my mother yet and I said, "No, I'll do it later." And he goes, "Fine. Then I'll talk to you after you've told her. I love you. I'm hanging up now." So then I call my mom and it turns out she was on the other then I tell her I'll just call her back in a few minutes. Then I call Bryan again and he asked, "So what did she say?" And I start laughing and said, "She's on the other line. She said for me to call her back in a few minutes." So then he says, "Okay, then. Call her back in a few minutes and then call me back after you've finished talking to her. I love you. Bye." So then I wait around...10....15...minutes...and finally I call...chit-chat with her for a few more minutes...and then I tell her, "Mom, I love you." Then she says, "What do you want?" And I start it off for a little while...and then I just told her. And she took it really well. She said that it happens to everybody and that it was just my time. And she's been suspecting it all along because my eating habits have changed and I haven't been wearing make-up and I've been lazy (and she KNOWS that I'm NOT like that). Usually I'm up and about and doing stuff all day. I HATE just laying around and doing nothing! It seems like I wasted a perfectly good day. But now....that's all I seem to want to do...and it sucks...but I can't help it.

The only thing that's keeping me going is the hope that someday I will be back to my normal self again and I can actually enjoy life and food!

And this little thing growing inside me....I hope everything turns out alright.

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