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2004-06-14 | 4:44 p.m.
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Have I ever mentioned how much Monday's suck?!

Well...IT DOES!

I'm so ready for this weekend already, it's not even funny....and like I was telling my sister earlier, it's not even that I HATE my job...or even DISLIKE IT...I actually happen to think it's one of the easiest jobs on earth.

It's just that I don't feel like doing ANYTHING right now. I haven't felt like this in...Hmmm...well, I've NEVER felt like this!

Yesterday, I did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I went to my mom's for brunch...fell asleep soon afterwards, and just watched a bunch of t.v....

Then I went grocery shopping that night...went home...and slept...

I did go out with the girls on Thursday night, though.

The whole argument with Bryan brought this on. Right after work, I called up the girls and asked, "So what are we doing tonight?"

I met them up at Margarita's after work where they were having some drinks - I ordered some bean and cheese nachos and a Sprite. Nothing close to the Long Island Iced Tea's they were having, but I lived through it. I felt pretty okay that whole day except for when I smelled the fajita's on the table beside us -- which made me completely nauseous. I told the girls, "That stinks." And they said, "Actually, it smells good to the rest of us -- but to you it stinks."

When will this go away? I want to be able to smell food again and not feel like I'm going to throw up! I want to be able to eat whatever I want again! (Woah...I never thought I'd say that!)...I just HATE this feeling. HATE IT.

Anyway, after that I went home and got ready. Bryan and I made up -- that girl didn't go, after all. But he was all for me going out with the girls.

So I went, and I actually had fun! I danced -- and Cindy said, "Joanne! You're back! I missed you!" (She said this because I haven't been feeling like doing anything.) I had a Sprite - which was FREE.

Hmmm...the only up-side to this whole pregnancy thing is that I save tons of money on not having to purchase alcohol - so yay for that!

By midnight, I was totally exhausted...and we finally left at home at 1 a.m....talked to Bryan for about 15 minutes after that, and crashed out...

And Friday - I was literally DRAINED!

All I wanted was my bed...and I felt like I couldn't do anything else...

That was probably the EARLIEST I've EVER been home from going out...and I felt like I was up ALL FREAKIN' NIGHT!

This really sucks.

Anyway, Saturday I went to Spaghetti Warehouse with the girls...Paula used to work with the Head Chef...and he ended up picking up the tab - all 61 dollars of it...Yay Head Chef!

After that, we went to the mall...where I had a cookie and a white cherry slushee....

I saw a couple of shirts I want to get...but it'll have to wait until this weekend...seeing as I had to buy my ticket to Kentucky on Saturday -- Flying there on June 23rd and coming back on June 27th a married woman...

I was just telling Cynthia last night how weird that concept is to me...

If someone would have told me all of this was going to happen 6 months ago, I would have said they were crazy! But I guess you just never know...

Anyway, Bry and I had another mini-argument on Saturday night...well, not really an "argument" was mostly me being a jerk to him...and him telling me to call him back when I'm done acting crazy. But it's not my fault! Really! He just said that Jake, Jess, and Eck - yes, the same girl - had asked him to go with them rollerskating or something like that...and he said he didn't feel like going...but to call him when they're on their way to the bar so he could have a couple of drinks with them...

But doesn't 2 guys and 2 girls sound like a double date to you?! Because preggo or not, that's what it sounded like to me!

So then I said, "Okay...fine. I'll just call up a couple of my guy friends and have Cynthia go with me...we can go play Putt-Putt or something....or have 'drinks'." He then said that he didn't realize how bad it sounded until I put it in that perspective, but that she's just a "friend" as he's told me numerous times...blah...blah...blah...

Anyway, I told him..."That's fine. Just let me know what you decide to do. That way I'll know whether or not to make plans."

And I know I was being a jack a**...but I didn't care. Sometimes I feel like I'm holding him back from having fun, which is something I NEVER want to do - but hell, have fun with guy friends! Don't have fun with her! I don't even know her! Maybe it's just my crazy pregnant hormones talking...but it just really made me mad regardless...

Anyway, he ended up not going - AGAIN.

Boy, I'm starting to sound like the Wicked Witch of the West, aren't I?!

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