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2004-05-07 | 12:27 p.m.
<< Bubbles?!!! >>


So Bryan said I was "bubbly"...whatever that meant...and I told the girls that he said that and they started making fun of me....

The other night...when we were going to get some ice cream...they came up with another dumb nickname...from the Power Puff Girls...they said they're gonna start calling me "bubbles"

I have the dorkiest EVER!

And then we said that Cynthia's "Buttercup" because of her attitude problem...

And that Paula's "Blossom" because she thinks she knows it all...

Now, I've never even seen this cartoon thing before, but after they described the characters to me, I realized that they really are perfect characters for us...haha...

So...this morning, Cindy sends us this E-mail:

All Present...

Buttercup - For a little girl, Buttercup is one tough cookie, full of vim, vigor and power- packed punch. Chock - full of spice, she meets the world head-on, with fists out and attitude to spare. Her cut-to-the-chase, down-and-dirty approach perfectly complements the softer dispositions of those closest to her, whom she is ready and willing to defend at any moment. Of this threesome, Buttercup is the most naturally equipped to fully embrace her superpowers. Strong-willed and hotheaded, she is the ultimate tomboy-and proud of it!

Blossom - She is the smartest and brightest. Many of Blossom's superpowers have literally gone to her head: Her impressive intelligence and intellectual curiosity make her a natural leader among her sisters. With confidence far beyond her years, Blossom never steps down and always speaks her mind. Despite her studious nature, Blossom has no problem cutting loose for a little hopscotch or the occasional super-powered game of tag.

Bubbles - Disarmingly cute and quick to burst into peals of giggles, Bubbles most likely received and extra dollop of sugar when the Professor >mixed the ingredients that brought her and her sisters to life. Even though she has incredible superpowers, Bubbles would rather stop and smell the roses, than go sniffing out trouble. With her sweet smile and innocent spirit, she is destined for a life filled with fawning admirers who pinch her small cheeks. And that's okay with her.

They really are the biggest DORKS I've ever known! LOL!!!

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