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2004-04-15 | 4:35 p.m.
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Is it time to go yet?!!!

Every one else has left...and I'm over here...all by my lonely self... :-(

It's too pretty outside to be cooped up in here!

Anyway, Guess what?! Bryan and Ray are now on their way over here....

I think they left at noon they should be getting here at around 10 or 11 tonight...

I took a half day in the afternoon I'll be getting off at 1...and then I took a half day in the morning on Monday, so I don't have to be at work till 2... :-)

I don't know...I guess I feel kind'a tummy's doing flips and turns...and I guess it's the whole aspect of "not knowing" what's gonna happen this weekend...

Like...what if we don't click? What if he finds all these flaws in me and decides to change his mind about me and vice versa? But I guess if it's gonna happen, better now than later...right?

But still...

Anyway, Pete's still been calling me...I was supposed to go work out with him yesterday, but then I decided to change my mind. The girls came over and we watched basketball. Go Mavs!!!

I cooked some Mac and Cheese...haha...and we drank some rum and Coke -- we're doing this ghetto-fab, baby!

And then Bryan called last night, so we talked for a while...for a long while...

And by the time I got off the phone with him, I had like 9 missed calls - guess from who?! U-huh...Pete...

Cynthia said he's gonna start getting on my nerves again like last time...and I think he is starting to...but then I have to remind myself that he's just trying and I shouldn't knock the guy off for that, you know?

He called me again today asking if I wanted to go to a Ranger's game in May...they're playing the Yankee's...and since I have never been to a baseball game before (and I heard it was fun)...I told him yeah...

Who knows, I might change my mind again! it time to go yet?!!!

Aaaaghhh! Can't the time go by just a little faster?!

Anyway, I probably won't have time to update

I will update on Monday afternoon to give the "full-blown-all-out-details."

These butterflies need to quit moving around in my tummy...they're starting to get on my nerves...

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