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2004-04-13 | 5:19 p.m.
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Cindy, Paula, and I were describing each other

I described Cindy and Paula...And Cindy described me and Paula...

Here's what we came up with...

Pinky - a porty girl (woohoo) with multiple personalities. Be careful not to step on any toes, because she will walk. She's a graduated W.I.T. and has earned her bachelor's degree on the subject. She likes the color Pink" - thus the name, Pinky. She is also known as Bubba, Dudditz, Bat Girl, and Cindavelli (Who only comes out on weekends after one too many alcohol). Hard-headed...Stubborn....tends to "over-react"....

(The "new" Paula) Paula - also known as P or P'Ditzy, she always manages to tell on her herself when she does something bad. Thus, the term "Bad Girl." It derives from the phrase "Good girls are bad girls who don't get caught." She is also very good at offending people without realizing it. She is known for the phrase, "I know, huh?" and is a freak under cover.

(The "old" Paula) Paula - also know as Paula. Good girl, peer pressured into being a bad girl. Of course her definition of a bad girl is staying up after 10 PM. Always thriving to seem smarter, therefore becoming a book worm. Likes to be blunt with people and brings out the vacuum when trying to end a party! Her weakness - the young and naive. Grew older but yet still naive when it comes to that.

Joanne - Known as Dory, J', Bubba Jo'. A porty girl with a habit of calling "couch" no matter who's house we're at. Impairments - driving at night, driving in the rain, reaching objects over 4 feet high. Personality - A+, she makes you laugh....AT HER not with her, that is. She has a great tendency to forget things like putting soap in the washer thus earning the name Dory (fish with short term memory loss). She is currently enrolled in the W.I.T program and is making excellent progress. She has earned plenty of certificates in this program so far...her future is looking bright! She likes to play with toy soldiers and putting them in forbidden places after about 6 shots of liquor. (It's not what you think!) Says things without realizing that she is getting someone in trouble (pulling a Joanne). She tends to pull Paula's (offending someone without meaning to), Chizzle's (forgetting driver's license at the club), and on her birthday tried to pull a Cynthia (walking home). May appear to be sweet and innocent, but do not be fooled!! In reality she is a Bad Girl 4 Life!

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