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2004-04-02 | 2:42 p.m.
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(Sigh)...for some reason I can't seem to focus on "work" today...

I've tried to monitor a few phone calls to no avail...I've done probably about 3 monitors for the day...that really, really sucks...considering my regular number is usually about 30-40 a day...I'm really really slackin' here!!!

I think I've got Spring Fever...

It's way too pretty outside! For lunch, I went for a drive and went to Taco Bell...and turned up my radio...rolled my windows down...jammed to this new c.d. I burned from my co-worker the other day... just so didn't feel like going back to work and staying in under these fluorescent lights...when there's all this sunshine waiting for me out there!!!

(Yawn) -- Is it time to go yet???

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