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2004-03-23 | 4:45 p.m.
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This e-mail's so cute I was laughing the entire time I was reading it...

Hey Joanne,

This is my mail, you got it right. I am all excited to get pics from you, what a good idea. You're such a cutie, and none of the guys that I told about to truely believe just how cute you are, and now I have proof...or will when you send em'. I mean, they believed me that you were cute, but I don't think I gave you the justice you deserve...oh, and by the way, I am all about complaments, so I hope you don't get embarressed, or think I'm a nutt. That's just what I do. I am also a big fan of not writing small emails too. I never just write a one liner, I don't know why. I always think it's better to write a long mail, I know that I like getting a long one in my mailbox, makes ya feel somethin.

So I just got back from work, well going and doing dumb Army stuff all day, nothing fruitful. I am happy to say that I have an appointment for the dentist the first week in May. I am going to be so happy to have my hansom smile back!! Ha ha ha. I can't believe what a sissy I am with the dentist. I went in there, and they sat me down in the dentist's chair, and even though I wasn't getting any work done, I was STILL all sweaty hands and anxious. I heard the drill buzzin in the cubicle next to mine, and it took everything I had to stay seated till the Doc came to talk to me. He asked,"So can you tell me why you think you need to have the IV done?" I told him, didn't you notice how nervous I was, and by the hand shake? He agreed that I was a little more on the jumpy side than when we were in his that's that. I am going under the knife, er drill, in May.

So now I am all about fixing up my room. Folding clothes, and putting the headboard on my bed, and doing a couple of litle things. The reaction I got from you guys about my painting renewed the spark to paint again, so I am going to order somethings online to paint, or draw things for my bare walls in my room. I have always loved the human form, and have been good at it since I was a send me a good pic, and you might find yourself hanging on my wall next time you come down. NOT THAT I AM A CREEP...don't get me wrong! I have drawn pictures of plenty of girlfriends of friends that I used for decorations, I just know a good model when I see one. I have been in school ofr art, taking college art classes in high school when I was 15, and doing it more while I was in college. THAT was a awkward situation, hormones raging, and blam! they want to stick a naked girl in front of me for two hours a day...when I was 15, 16 and 17 that is. I grew up a little since then. I had many models in college, and it was can I put this, when a bank teller is at work, and they are counting thousands of dollars a day, they forget about what they actually have before them, and jus think of it as a job, or just paper, or numbers...ya know? The girls became nothing more to me than beautiful curves, and lighting...I don't know. You're more than likely..."OK, psycho..." So I will end this one. I apologize for ranting, but I tend to do that in emails. If I dont' get a reply, then I will know to tone it down...ha ha.

So I guess I will tlak to ya later, and see you too with the pics. See ya.

Respectfully? no, ahhh Sincerely? what do we write here....whatevah...


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