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2004-03-15 | 2:00 p.m.
<< Birthday wishes... >>


I just spent some of my lunch time researching when Andrew's birthday was...I had a feeling it was this month...and thought it was sometime this week, but I wasn't sure...and now I's on the 18th...and I put a reminder in my calendar to send him an e-mail to wish him the best on his birthday...

I also realized that Eric's birthday just passed...the 9th of March...and I didn't even know it! It's not like I know how to get a hold of him now...I don't think he has the same e-mail address anymore...his old two-way he can read my thoughts...I just want to greet him "Happy Birthday" and let him know that I'm not mad at him anymore...and I just wish we can still be friends like we promised each other... weekend recap will be coming...I just have to get back to work I'll have to write them on here later...

Till then....

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