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2004-03-11 | 4:39 p.m.
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Just think...I've been counting down since Monday... :-)

Man...I'm so glad today's almost over. It's just been CRAZY over here!

My 'prospective' apartments called me last night saying that my old apartments were charging 988 dollars against me...and I was like, "What?! That can't be!" Man...I was shocked, I was pissed, I was aggravated...and I called my old apartments and they wouldn't even talk to me (F*kcers!)...they gave me some number...called there and got a voicemail...and they barely called me back today.

Anyway, I finally got all that squared away...there's no way I was going to have that crap on my rental history!!!

First of all, I didn't break my lease...paid up to the day I moved out...and left the place spotless! If anything, they owe me my deposit money, which I didn't even get back! (Ugh!)

Okay...I guess we're still going to Don Pablo's for drinks tonight...I dunno. Cindy has to run some errands first still...and she's not sure if she'll be able to. :-( I guess we'll see...

I guess after work I'm gonna go see if I can look for some furnitures that I would want to put in my apartment...might as well start now. Can't keep putting it off.

Another thing...Beannie called me today and she said she found some apartments that are a lot cheaper than rent will go down a couple of hundred dollars cheaper per month (which helps...meaning I won't have to worry about my spending habits)...I haven't signed my lease yet (wasn't going to until this Saturday) so I wonder if I can still get my deposit back if I change my mind and get these cheaper ones instead...she said it's almost the size of what I was gonna get...I guess we'll see...hmmmm...

Well..I'm gonna go look at them with her Saturday morning and see if I like them...if I like the other ones better, I'm gonna go ahead and sign my lease afterwards...

The pressure!

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