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2004-03-11 | 5:23 p.m.
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Have you ever had one of these moments...when you're all alone at night...with your eyes closed...waiting for sleep to come and take over you...or when you're driving down the road...with music blaring from the radio...and you get this flash-back...of this face...this too familiar face that you've been trying so hard to forget...and can never seem to. This face who's eyes seem to search deep inside your soul...even when you know deep down inside that this face is just an illusion...this face that haunts you...even in your dreams...and no matter where you are...what time of day it is....what time of night it can't elude it. It's everywhere. It's on the man sitting in the truck beside you at a red's on someone you thought you saw in the's in your deepest dreams...dreams you can't control...and you end up realizing that you can never escape this face. This face that was once so familiar it's etched in your memories...never to be forgotten...this face you've known for so've seen this face stare at you when he thought you weren't've seen this face've seen this face cry...this face who you thought you would always see...and now is nothing but a memory...

Have you ever had one of these moments when you realize that you can never forget his matter how much you will yourself to?

I have them all the time...

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