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2004-03-08 | 5:03 p.m.
<< What a day! >>

Monday... I guess it's time for my weekend was pretty good...

The weather was purr-fect! All sunshine and no that's what I'm talkin' about!

Friday after work, I had dance I went didn't finish until 10 p.m.! Imagine that! We were learning this new dance that we had to perform the next day. And this dance was no piece of cake...I actually started getting frustrated there for a little bit feet legs hurt...and I had no energy left to save me...but it was all worth it in the end. After practice, I just went to Paula's and watched a movie. Esmer wanted to get some drinks, but I was already tired and wasn't in the I took a raincheck.

Saturday...went to Denny's for Brunch with the girls...and then I looked at this apartment in Irving...Oh, man...I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT! It was soooo pretty! When you first walk in, you see the kitchen ahead of you...and the counters are long...and there's a sliding door that closes down the kitchen when you first walk your right is the living room...with a fireplace...ahead of that are the sliding doors to the balcony (which is HUGE! Perfect for parties)...and to the left of the living room is the dining has a big window right beside it so it looks really roomy...before you walk in the bedroom, you have to walk through a hallway...and to the right is the washer-dryer has a full-mirrored sliding door with gold trimming...then you open up the door to the bedroom and the first thing you see is the Vanity your right is the bathroom...and to your left is the bedroom....which also has a sliding door connecting to the balcony...a full-mirrored sliding closet (also with gold trimming) and on the far right of the room is a walk-in closet...I am drooling just thinking about it...

So...I filled out the application and sent in the deposit and the application fee yesterday...let's keep our fingers crossed and see what happens!

Okay...Saturday afternoon, I went to the Sterling Hotel for final dance practice...performed at 8...and headed back to Paula's to get ready for the club. We ended up going to Blackberry's. It was FUN! It was Dennis' birthday, so some of the crew were there (Jose, Oliver, his girlfriend...some of their other friends)...I danced like there was no tomorrow...and just had fun! I never knew that Jose knew how to dance salsa/merengue so well...but he surprising. Anyway, after the club, we all went to Taco Cabana...everyone was debating on whether or not to go to James' afterwards for some more drinks. But I was tired, and so were some of the guys...I was practically falling off my ass, devoid of energy from the day's and the night's just decided to do the get together thing another time.

Before we went home, Cindy wanted to pass by Mike's to see if his truck was there (this was drama...Cindy has been dating Mike...Mike was MIA for the weekend, she calls him from Dennis' phone...and what do you know? He picks up! So she thinks he was with another girl...because of how their conversation went...) Anyway, his truck wasn't there...we passed by some guy's house who Cindy knows...there were three of them hanging outside...and they just start talking to us. I was tired, I was sleepy, I was grouchy, and I was in no mood to deal with ghetto I think I may have had a little attitude. Anyway, after that we went to Paula's and I was too tired to drive I just crashed out on her couch.

Sunday...I woke up SORE! I actually still am and neither the Icy Hot Ointment thing I put on my legs last night or the Tylenol Extra Strength I took today are helping any. When I woke up, I went home...watched some T.V....tried to fall back asleep (to no avail)...and then filled out the application for the apartment and dropped it off. Afterwards, I went back to Paula's (might as well live there, ha ha)....we picked up some Wings from Wingstop and rented a couple of movies (Radio and Duplex)...and watched Duplex (I think we're gonna watch Radio tonight). Anyway, that was it for my weekend...

I'm so tired and sleepy today...if I actually closed my eyes this very minute, I can actually fall asleep...pretty sad. I actually noticed that I'm being pretty grouchy today. So far I've snapped at my sister and my mom...and I'm feeling pretty bad about it. But...I nerves are just a wreck right now.

I just need to chill out and relax...and so...I'm going to go ahead and run my reports and get on outta here so I can do just that!

(Sigh) What a day this has been!!!

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