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2004-03-08 | 12:14 p.m.
<< Wishing him well... >>


Monday's suck...I'm always tired on Mondays...don't know why... :-(

On top of that, I got some bad news friend Lori e-mailed me and told me that our old friend (one of the guys from this crew we used to party with all the time) is in the hospital...and he might not make it. He has cancer. This news made me sad like you couldn't believe. Mainly because he's always been a tough guy. He's little, but he's tough. I remember one time, there were these guys who started trying to fight with all the guys because we wouldn't let them into our party....and here comes little Mando...running his mouth and actually backing it up...against like 10 guys...all by his little self. And I just can't imagine him being in a hospital bed...with hardly any life left in him. It's sad just thinking about it. On top of that, the last time I talked to wasn't a very friendly conversation. We had argued over some rumors that was going back and forth (he said, she said stuff)...and I just never talked to him since. And now I feel bad, because I wish now that it didn't end that way....

So now, I e-mailed Little Lori back...asking for the hospital information...that way I can at least visit to let him know that I'm sorry about the past...and I'm sorry about what he's having to go through. I still have all of our party pictures and I just know it's going to be sad to see him in all of it...playing around...laughing...he was at my surprise birthday party...he helped put it together...and it's just sad to think back and know that it's all in the past. Anyway, I just hope he makes it....

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