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2004-03-05 | 4:44 p.m.
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Happy Friday!!! (Let's do the Happy Dance!)

Anyway...there's really nothing much to say right now...I've been feeling like crap lately, so I haven't been wanting to go out or do anything. Last night, I just went to Wingstop and had some Wangs with Cindy...their wings are sooo freakin' good! And then...we just chilled at Paula's...we were makin' fun of Paula...because...well, when Cindy and I left Paula's to go grab something to eat, her and Dennis were chilling in the living room...and when I walked out the door, I said, "You kids be good. Don't do anything I wouldn't do. Or would." Ya know...just being then we went to look at Cindy's new apartment (which was sooo pretty!) and then went to Wingstop...and then went back to Paula's...and when we opened the door, the t.v. was on, but the kids (meaning Paula and Dennis) weren't then Cindy was like, "Ooooh...I think they're being bad." So then I looked around and the light in her room was then I was like, well...maybe they left...and then I look at the floor beside the couch, and bam! Dennis' shoes were there! I looked at it and busted out laughing! And I couldn't help it! I made Cindy laugh, too...and we both went outside (so they wouldn't hear us) and just cracked up! Bad kids! I told Cindy we should have knocked on her door and said, "Hey, Paula...are you asleep? I thought we were gonna play dominoes!" And then tell her, "Oh, and tell Dennis he forgot his shoes. I don't know how he made it home without them!" was a "you-should-have-been-there" kind'a funny...but everytime I think back to last night, I still crack up...I'm smiling this huge smile just thinking about it as we speak... big plans for tonight, really...just hanging out with the girls...we're supposed to just rent some movies, buy some drinks, and trip out at Paula's that should be fun...

Alright, I guess I'm gonna go ahead and jet!

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