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2004-02-26 | 5:27 p.m.
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I know how you feel�I�ve been there�and maybe I still am�and trust me - I�m trying to get over it, too. But you�ve gotta learn to realize that maybe you�re the only one left holding on. You�ve locked yourself up in your own world and surrounded yourself with nothing but memories. Look around you�so many would give up anything for your attention. Open your eyes and let yourself be happy. In the midst of it all, you�re not. And you won�t be unless you step out and move on. I may not know how it was between you two�and I never witnessed how great things were�but I have experienced enough of my own love and heartbreak to know that you can�t keep holding on. Maybe you two will get back together. And maybe then you will be truly happy. But it doesn�t hurt to try and be happy without this person. You�ve got so many things going for you right now. It doesn�t hurt to try. Open your eyes to so many possibilities awaiting you. Leave that closed door, open up the window, and breathe.

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