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2004-02-26 | 4:09 p.m.
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David: Hey you

Me: Hey!!!

Me: What's up?!

David: not much, just at lunch

David: working hard?

Me: Did you get my message that other time?

Me: LOL...Ummm...yeah...sure...

David: which message?

David: lol

Me: After you Im'ed

David: yeah

Me: Why are you at lunch this late?!

David: cause

David: I go at diff. times, it kinda sucks

David: lol

Me: Ohhhh...okay...I gotcha...

David: the day bef. yesterday I went to lunch at 6:05

Me: So you have to get back to work soon?

David: I call it Dinner

David: yeah

Me: Ummm..that's a little late, don't you think? lol..

Me: Do you have a regular shift, though?

David: lol

David: no it's diff. every day

Me: Awwww...I sawwy....

David: but it's pretty much similar

Me: So when are you coming back to visit?

David: Prob. Mon

Me: It's different, but pretty much similar? LOL...Okay....

David: I have sat and mon off

Me: Monday? How long are you staying?

Me: And you work on Sun?

David: yeah work sun

Me: Dang...that's crazy...

David: I know

David: I hate this sched

Me: Do you ever get a couple of days off in a row...or is it pretty much spread out all the time?

David: but that's how it is

David: yeah

David: i do

Me: Yeah...true...

Me: How's the job going so far, though? I mean...besides the schedule part of it?

Me: Do you like it?

David: hold on a sec

Me: k

David: oh, the job is really cool

David: sorry i got kicked off the internet

Me: Well, that's good...

Me: lol...that's okay...

David: I made $700 bonus

Me: What time do you have to get back?

Me: Really?! That's really good!

Me: So where are you taking me for lunch?

Me: :-D

David: I also meet a lot of dif. ppl and hook ups, lol

David: lol

David: hmm

David: can't tell ya

Me: LOL...for real?

David: has to be a surprise

Me: Ooooh...I looove surprises! lol...

David: I gotta go back in about 8mins

Me: You're that close to your job?

David: i mean, leave in about 8

Me: lol...ohhh....

David: like 15 to 20mins

David: depending on traffic

Me: Not that bad...

David: it is Austin

Me: Yeah...traffic sucks there...

David: so things are nearby

David: and that too

Me: lol...

David: not compared to Houston though

Me: So you're coming Monday just to stay for a day?

Me: Dallas, too!

David: probably

David: depending on what time I work tues

David: prob. just leave tues morn

Me: Yeah...

Me: So I heard you got a new car...

Me: That true, huh,,,huh?

David: oh, you didn't know?

Me: LOL...NO!!!

David: yeah, it's been about a month and a half

Me: You didn't tell me!

David: haha

David: true

Me: I had to find out from certain other people...

Me: ha ha...

David: I heard Peter got Jeanne a new car too

David: lol

David: whatever

Me: Yup...who told you that?

Me: lol...

David: yeah, I got an Isuzu Rodeo

David: lol

Me: Oh, cool!

David: I've got my sources

David: he is my brother you know

David: lol

Me: LOL...I thought I was the only one with the sources?

David: uh

David: yeeeah

Me: Apparently not!

Me: So what color's your new ride?

David: haha

Me: And when am I gonna be able to take Me: :-D

David: umm, that depends

David: do you know how to drive standard?

Me: No...but you can teach me....:-D

David: I've been wanting a standard for a while, that's the first car I learned how to drive in was a standard

David: lol, in my new car? I dont think so

David: lol

David: jk

Me: lol...I won't drive toooo crazy....

David: lol

Me: promise...O:-)

Me: Just a few curbs every now and then...

David: lol

David: I might go to SA tonight

David: and tom. night

Me: Really? For what?

David: some of my friends are in town cause they went to New Orleans for mardi grass, I was supposed to go

Me: And....why didn't you?!

David: and then tom. some other friends wanna go to San Ant. just to party

Me: LOL...Party Animal!

David: yeah right

Davig: cause I had to work

Me: I was supposed to go to Mardi Gras, too!

David: but?

David: you were gonna flash?

Me: Ohhh....I see, said the blind man...

David: lol

Me: LOL...Ewww!!! NOOOO!

David: uh huh

David: lol

David: jk

Me: You would want to see that, now wouldn't you?;-)

Me: lol...

David: umm

David: hey now

David: you're at work

David: lol

Me: LOL...Oh, yeah...that's right...

David: strictly PG

Me: 13

Me: lol...

David: or shall I say G

David: my bad

David: lol

Me: lol...

Me: dork!

David: lol

Me: so how are things with Monica?

David: hey, i gotta hurry back to work

David: ttyl

Me: lol...

Me: k...

Me: bye...

David: not dodging the question, promise

David: lol

David: call me if you want

Me: LOL...I know!!!

David: lates

Me: I will...

Me: bye...

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