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2004-02-25 | 5:50 p.m.
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Getting off in a few minutes...wooohooo!!! I've been so freakin' bored outta my mind today, it's not even funny...I'm really reaaally stretching out the liiitttle work that I have left until this've become re-aquainted with some of these little websites I've been neglecting lately...

I just finished talking to Paula a little while ago...and I guess we're having our weekly girl's night tonight over a few Smirnoff's and some Wings...I really wanted to be good...but it's so much more fun to be bad! (Just so you know, we're talking about wings here...)

I told her I was gonna go home and change and curl my hair out first, because it's straight-from-the-dryer day...and she said she'll plug in her curling iron for me...and then I told her I still needed to go home and change (then she reminded me of the laundry still awaiting my return...thus clothes I can change into over there) I guess I'm left without any more excuses of going then I had to say, "Fine. I'll be on my way over there as soon as I get off work."

And tomorrow...tomorrow's another day. :-) Ha! I guess we'll see...Esmer said the guys are having their after-party at "Arthur's"...where is it at? I don't know...but she does, and that's all that matters...well, as long as she goes. If she doesn't, I guess the guys will just have to wait on our presence till next time. :-) I haven't called Izzy...and I told Esmer that I don't think I'm going to...just because...well, you know...I don't want him to think that this is the only time I ever do call him...or that I'm sweating him (when I obviously don't see him that way)...and I don't want to feel guilty for calling him when I know deep inside that I only want to go to see just ONE person...And that person is inlove with someone else (Yup..story of my life) and it just so happens that I can't compete with that...or her....

Anyway...if we go, it'll be just for fun...just to say "hi"...and to tell them "y'all are doing great!" and to let them know that "Hey...we're still here...with our support...and we're really proud of you for making it this far!" 19th on the Latin Billboards as of last week...imagine that!

Oh, last tidbit I forgot to mention earlier...Wally text messaged me last night and put, "What's up chica? Where the hell have you been? Did you forget about me again?" And I replied back (a few hours later) with "And who is this again? It's been so long I forgot..."

Remember how I said I'm not taking anyone's crap anymore? Well...that includes him, too...he didn't call me for a whole week! And maybe I don't have a reason to be mad...and maybe I do...and it's not like I'm really's just that I don't want him to think that he can just NOT call me for a week...and when he does try to get a hold of me, that I'll go running over there to see him...sorry, it's not gonna work that way, buddy....

I'd like to believe that I'm a lot better than least, I'm trying to be...I want to be someone's priority...not re-arrange mine for someone...and I'm seriously intent on finding a person who can give me just that...I want to be put up on a pedestal...and spoiled once in a while...I want that someone to call me "just because"...I want someone to want to spend some time with me (too much time would just freak me out like it always does)...and maybe I'm asking for too much...but it doesn't hurt to try...

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