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2004-02-25 | 5:06 p.m.
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The sun's finally letting up...and when I went to lunch earlier today, I felt like saying, "Where have you been?! I missed you!" :-)

So...ended up not doing anything last night...I was supposed to go to Paula's and pick up my laundry...but it was raining...and as soon as I got home, I went into one of my major "chill modes" know...comfy covers and pillows on the couch...remote control in my hand...and I just couldn't will myself to get up! So I watched my shows...Gilmore Girls...One Tree Hill...The Real World...and then fell asleep on the couch while watching the Osbournes, I think....

I woke back up a little after midnight before my sister got home...she called my phone because her husband wasn't there to pick her up yet - Surprise! (Not!)....This is like...what, the millionth time he's done this to her?! And to that...he takes off as soon as he drops her off at our place...and she said she forgot her books (she's in training for her new job) in the back of the car...and he refused to go back and give it back to her! So I told her, "Let's go pick it up." And he refused to tell her where he was at...first thing that came to my mind was that he was with another girl...he's such a jack ass...and he's no good for her...and I tell her that all the time...but I guess she'll just have to realize it for herself, because she won't listen to me...

I told her last night, "You seriously need to leave him. He's just dragging you down with him. And you wonder why your life's a mess?! It's because of him!!! You're better off without him and everybody else can see that BUT YOU!" And she got quiet...and for the first time...she didn't talk back or scream at me like she normally would everytime I tell her these things....

I told her that I have to tell her the matter how much my words would hurt her, because it's for her own good...she's my sister...and no one else would tell her BUT ME...

Anyway, he finally got home at 3 in the morning...who knows where from??? And that's when I was able to fall back asleep...

I told Cindy today that if ever I take sh*t like that from a guy, to PLEASE slap some sense into me!!!

It makes me mad!!! And it makes me even madder to know that she's letting him walk all over her like that! I thought she knew better! And then she always puts it in my face how I was with I never went anywhere because he was always so jealous...and I told her, "Yes, that was my bad...but he also NEVER WENT ANYWHERE! That was the deal...If I don't go out, he doesn't either...and he didn't!!! He stayed home when I told him to! He never took off on me...who knows where to...and come home at 4 in the morning...or sometimes not come home at all...he NEVER treated me like that!" Then she starts saying "Yeah, you're just so perfect...and you never make any mistakes." (tone of sarcasm)...and I had told her, "That's the point...I HAVE made mistakes...a lot of them...and I just don't want you to make the same're supposed to learn from me."

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