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2004-02-24 | 1:07 p.m.
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Happy Fat Tuesday!!!

I really wish I was in New Orleans right about now...maybe next year...I would want to go just once, just so I can experience the whole thing for myself instead of hearing about it...

Anyway...didn't really do anything big last night...I just went to Paula's to do some laundry...and Cindy, Paula, and I were just hanging out...watching t.v. and goofing around like we usually do...

Frankie called me and I didn't recognize his house number, since I just had his cell I had Paula answer it (to screen my call)...I told her if it was someone I didn't want to talk tell that person that I wasn't there...and I guess he says, "Hey, beautiful" as soon as she picked up the phone...and she just answers back with, "Why, thank you!" It was funny...the way she did it...then Cindy goes, have him hang up and call back...and I'll answer it!!! We were just laughing our butts off...Frankie was like, "Damn, what are y'all smoking?!" I said, "Nothing. This is just our natural high." I said we were having our "girl's night" without the alcohol... :-)

We had a really long conversation last night...I actually haven't talked on the phone for that long in forever...but it's weird, but it's like we had so much stuff to talk about...from books to who we knew back in high school...we went to the same school and never even realized it! He's not the type of person who looks like he would enjoy reading (sorry) but he does, and that was a shock to me! And he seems really smart (another shock)...he just comes off as that typical bad boy, you know? And our conversation just surprised was really cool...

Anyway...I don't know what I'm doing tonight...don't really feel like doing anything...I know I have to stop by Paula's cause I left some clothes there still that I have to pick up...

Still being bored here...I'm trying to stretch out the little work I have left to I'm just here...relaxing...Hmmm...maybe I should take a nap... ;-p

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