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2004-02-19 | 5:56 p.m.
<< Scatterbrained Me! >>


So...tonight's Girl's Night Out...We're gonna have some fun!!!

I know I'm gonna hear a lot of juicy secrets and details tonight over margarita's and chips and queso...

Plus, I need a drink! (We're really not that bad...really)

Anyway, I chatted with David today...that was pretty cool...I kind'a like this AIM thing being on all day. I get to chat with people I haven't had contact with recently...pretty cool...

Ummmm...what else? I'm kind'a in a rush cause it's just about that I'm feeling a little scatterbrained. I'll have more time to write tomorrow...promise.

There's just so many things to say and so little time!!!

I need to rant and rave and get a lot of things off my chest...

And it sucks cause I gotta go...

So...till tomorrow! (Hopefully I'll remember what I wanted to rant about)...

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