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2004-02-17 | 5:49 p.m.
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Oh, was a VERY BUSY DAY!

Our supervisor from Denver's in we had to be on our best behavior...needless to say, I got so much stuff done with all this "work time" on my hands... :-)

Plus, we had a tour from SBC today...and they wanted to know how we monitored our agents and stuff...

Anyway...I am so proud of myself - I worked out last night! After how long of slacking off?! Yup...feelin' pretty good...did some cardio (the threadmill and the stair master)...then did some weights for my arms...and then I worked on my abs...

Now I'm all sore...but I may just go again tonight...I need to! Summer's coming up pretty soon, dammit!

Our supervisor had us download AIM on our computers...I guess so he can talk to us whenever he wants when he goes back to I've had it on all day today...and Izzy's screen name popped up...

Well, I wasn't really sure if it was him...I just saw his screen name on my buddy list and can't remember who it was or where I got it then I send a message that says, "I have your screen name on my buddy list, and I'm not sure who it is or why it's on here...who are you?" Yeah...pretty funny...but he replied back and turns out it was him...

He told me they're playing here on the 25th...and to give him a call so that we can party...I was like, " can call, too!" Anyway, we didn't chat for long...just a few lines...where he's at right now...what he's doing and stuff like that...

Still don't know if we're gonna go to their show on the 25th...I mean, I want to...don't get me wrong...I haven't seen these guys in forever! But I'm not sure if Esmer's gonna be able to go with me...and she has, the last time we saw them we were pretty wasted...and it's so embarrassing. I'm still embarrassed up to now. Specially Adolf...I know he's gonna bring last time up again...then he's gonna be mad for a while about, I dunno...'s about that time to get outta! :-)

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