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2004-02-13 | 9:55 a.m.
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It's Finally Friday!!!

I'm so tired today...but that's what I get for going out on a school night, right? The girls made me do it! They made me come out and play! :-)

So we went to Don Pablo's last night for some margarita's...and some chips and queso...and man, I was in HEAVEN! They were sooo yummy!

The girls and I were trippin' out like we usually do when we all go out together...we were talking about some crazy sh*t...about kama sutra (freaks!)...and all their favorite hot spots and such...yeah, pretty crazy...

Then we go to Paula's afterwards and she invites this boy that she met and two of his friends...two of them are pretty cool to hang out with, but they're not my type...they were cool, though...

One of them...which was the one that Paula had met...was trying to hit on me! And he was all drunk! I was like, "Ummm...I don't think so." He kept talkin' smack...about how he's gonna marry the girl who can outdance him...and then I told him I wanna see him dance, and let me tell was all BS! Boy couldn't move....

He kept trying to make me dance with him, and I told him, "The day you can hang with me is when I'll dance with you...but I gotta see it to believe it first." The rest of the guys were like, "Oooh...she called you out!"

Then...he was all drunk and he was like, "I wanna talk to you privately...can we talk?" I'm like, "Yeah, we can talk but you can't touch me." Then we sit on the couch and he was like, "I can tell you've been hurt. So tell are you feeling?" I was like, "What the f*ck?!" It was funny....I had to leave him there by himself and talk to the rest at the dining table...I couldn't take it anymore!!!

After I left, I think he started crying for his ex (who he was with for no longer than two months - according to his boys)...

Anyway...that was my night last actually was pretty funny...the girls and I are still laughing about it right now and making fun of that boy....

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