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2004-02-12 | 6:01 p.m.
<< Go Beannie! >>


Tonight...I'm going to Don Pablo's with the girls...Man, haven't even been there in a while!!!

We're gonna have some of those 3 dollar margaritas and some chips and salsa...MmMMmMmmmm....

Dang..I'm turning into one alcoholic (Ooops..too late!);-p

So Wally calls me last night and says, "I'm just calling you right now so you won't be getting mad at me for not calling or anything..." (Gotta train them early! Kidding!)

Today's a happy day! I guess I've just been in that mood...oh, and Beannie called me saying she got the job at Hilton! Yay, Sis!

Look at what time it is! Time to Celebrate!

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