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2004-02-11 | 6:00 p.m.
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Just about that time to go home!!!

And I'm crashing out as soon as I get there...

One last entry to talk about my night last night...

So...we went to Humpies...just Cindy and I...for some drinks (It was 2 dollar Tuesdays!) and some appetizers...and to watch the Mavs kick some ass!!!

Go Mavs!!!

It was pretty chill...our DJ was there...and he played my song (Suga, Suga) and surprised me with it...he just comes to our table and says, "Your song's coming up next." And I'm like, "Which one?" So then he goes, "Guess"...and I said, "I dunno...just surprise me."

Awww...and he remembered... :-)

Afterwards, I went to Wally's (Yes, he apologized again earlier during the night and I thought I'd be a little forgiving) and hung out...

I was being mean to him at first, though...I guess just giving him a hard time for not calling... that's it that I can think of...time to get outta here...


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