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2004-01-30 | 4:43 p.m.
<< The Eye... >>

Friday... let me clear up "The Eye" comment on the survey previous to this page...since Cindy said that anyone who doesn't know "the story" might think I'm just being nasty...

And when I've re-read the survey...I can see how they might think I was just being which case I wasn't! (Really!)...

Anyway...I used to date this guy...his name was Chris. Chris was gorgeous! He's one of those pretty boys I happen to like. Pretty face...knows how to dress...nice body. He was just PRETTY. One of my good friends James used to comment that the only reason I dated him was because he was like a trophy I can parade around in front of everybody...

That wasn't the case at all. He happened to be very sweet...when it was just the two of us.

Yes, he was one of those guys. One of those guys who was really sweet...and wasn't afraid to show his long as there was no one else around. As soon as his buddies come into the picture...he starts acting like this totally different person. Cocky, conceited...different. I guess he would try to put up a front so his friends wouldn't think he was "whooped." One time I called him on 3-way with James and I told James to be quiet...and he was talking to me like he usually does when it's just us. After we hung up, James was like, "Was that our Chris?!"


Anyway....he has a glass eye. One of his eyes were hit with a Bibi gun when he was a child...and he's really sensitive about it....

I mean, you can't really tell it's made of glass...except he keeps the glass one blue...and his real one are light brown...he still looked good regardless...amazing as that may sound... afternoon...we were hanging out at his place (He roomed with this guy named John...who happened to be one of the sweetest guys I've ever met...and he seems to always want to be like Chris, for some reason...and he really doesn't need to be)...him and John...and his cell phone rang...and it sounded like he was talking to a girl...after he hung up...he swore up and down that it wasn't!

Then he goes, "Look into my eye and tell me if I'm lying. The fake one."

Ugh! The jerk!

Anyway...I told Cindy that story (She knows him, too...we all used to party together at his place from Thursday night through Sunday night...or we'd all go to different clubs together) and she thought it was the funniest thing...

Sometimes I'd play around with Cindy and James and Beannie...and we'd make dumb comments like, "It's all fun and games till someone loses an eye."

And I told James that I'm going to tell Chris, "I'd sleep with one eye open tonight if I were you...the real one."

So....there goes "the eye" really wasn't just me being nasty...

It actually was an "inside" joke...I just thought I'd share....

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