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2004-01-29 | 5:37 p.m.
<< Stuck in a predicament... >>


So I had a pretty good time last night...we went to Hooters and had some drinks and wings...

Man...I haven't had their wings in a looong time...and I almost forgot how absolutely great they were!!!

Note: If your man tells you they go to Hooters for their wings...believe them. Yes, they are that good! Not even the girls who serve them can compare to the wings they serve. But then again, that may be my own biased opinion since I'm a girl.

Anyway, we watched the Mavs game (They lost, by the way :-( ) and goofed around. Talked about all kinds of crazy sH*t...and just laughed all night.

I love wing nights with my girls!

Anyway...I told them that every single time we go somewhere to watch the Mavs play, they always end up losing! Beannie said, "So why don't y'all be supportive and stay home when they play?!"

Ummm...I think not! The words "Basketball" and "Sports Bar" just kind'a go together....One is not the same without the other.. :-)

Dennis just called maybe I'll give him a call back...I feel so bad because I keep dissing everybody...and I know that I wouldn't like it done to me....

Take Mike, for example (My sugar daddy)...he called last night (And I didn't pick up the phone) to tell me that he's planning on coming by this weekend....and I just don't know what to say...or what to do...because I know he's coming down to see me...but I don't want to have to be stuck with him all weekend...showing him around and stuff...and I know that if he does come...I will have to be stuck showing him around...well, because that's what he came here for...

So I'm stuck in another unfortunate predicament yet again...

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