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2004-01-27 | 5:38 p.m.
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It's barely Tuesday?! Shouldn't it be like Friday by now or something???

Cindy was out I had no e-mail buddy... :-(

E-mailed with Hugo, though...wherein he was able to get "what I want in a guy" out of me...supposedly he has a friend in mind...I told him I'm not looking...and I DON'T do blind dates...he said we can all go out as a group...which would be okay...but I have to be with my own friends as well...

So...what do I want in a guy? Here's what I e-mailed him....Well, let me just put in the whole conversation...starting from the very beginning...What the hell? Might as well... :-)

Me: Guess what?

Hugo: What?

Me: I got a haircut. :-) Oooh...and guess what else?

Hugo: What?

Me: I got more pictures. :-)

Hugo: So when are you bringing them by?

Me: When are you stopping by?

Hugo: Whenever....what are you doing after work tonight?

Me: I have to take my friend to Carmax...she's looking for a car....Oh, and I'm watching One Tree Hill :-).... You?

Hugo: ??? Oh, I have to go buy some groceries

Me: I'm out of cereal. :-)

Hugo: Is that all you eat?

Me: Nope. I eat sandwiches, too. That's what I had for lunch.

Hugo: And where's mine?

Me: I ate it all.

Hugo: And why didn't you share?

Me: I didn't know you wanted some. :-) You still owe me lunch, by the way. Drinks, too.

Hugo: Is that right? When? You're always never have time.

Me: I'm not always busy, dork!

Hugo: Yes you are. Everytime I ask what you're doing after always have something to do.

Me: But you hardly ever ask...and it just so happens that something's going on that day.

Hugo: Or are you avoiding from going?

Me: Nope. Why would I?

Hugo: Don't know?

Me: See....point proven. :-)

Hugo: Hey, wait a owe me drinks too.

Me: Yeah, but you owe me more. :-)

Hugo: SURE.

Me: Glad you agree with me... :-)

Hugo: Is there something else I should agree with you?

Me: should agree with everything I say...

Hugo: Is that right? And what else do you have to say?

Me: I dunno yet...but I'm sure I'll let you know when I think of something....

Hugo: Well, you gotta come up with something.

Me: I didn't know I HAD TO....

Hugo: SURE DO!!!

Me: Fine! Then I say you owe me drinks!

Hugo: Wouldn't your man get upset?

Me: Which one? ;-p

Hugo: It don't bother me. Hey, it's all good.

Me: Ha! I'm just playing! If you're talking about the guy in the pictures...he's not my man...he's a player...

Hugo: And you're not?

Me: Nope.

Hugo: What happened...The truth come out?

Me: How do you figure that I'm a player?

Hugo: How many guys have you talked to since I've known you?

Me: Talked to? Ummmm....I dunno.....

Hugo: My point exactly. J/K.

Me: Ha! But it's just "talking" to....I haven't seriously dated that many people...just because you have to "talk" to someone to get to know them better...and then it never works out because they happen to be jerks....

Hugo: Calm down ol' little one.

Me:'s the truth.....

Hugo: So you're not with or talking to (or other) anyone right now?

Me: I'm talking to a couple of people (not seriously)....including the guy from the pics (I've known this one for years...since High School...but he hasn't grown up yet...and I don't think he ever will)....But nothing serious...just getting-to-know stuff...ya know? Why?

Hugo: Just asking...You have any other guys in mind that you would like to meet or talk to (seriously or not)?

Me: I don't go looking for guys, you dork! When I meet just happens that way...and if they seem nice, then we'll switch numbers and talk...or go out or something....but I haven't met one yet that's "serious material".....We'll see....

Hugo: Maybe you're looking in the wrong places or maybe he just passed you by? Or maybe you know who it is or want it to be but are afraid to approach them...

Me: Yeah, but I always want the wrong people....

Hugo: Yeah, what? Yeah, you know who you want? How are they the wrong people?

Me: They just are...we'll have fun and get along and stuff...but they're player material....

Hugo: Ok, what kind of guy are you looking for?

Me: You mean what kind of guy do I want? Cause I'm not looking.... :-)

Hugo: Sure, what kind of guy do you want? Or the question should be, which guy do you want?

Me: Ha! Like I'd tell you.... :-)Personality-wise or what?

Hugo: Why not, maybe I can help...I do happen to have guy frineds. I'd tell you.

Me: You'd tell me what?

Hugo: whatever...what do i have to hide.

Me: What kind of guy do you think I should look for?

Hugo: I don't know??? You tell me.

Me: Well...I'm attracted to those pretty boys...who I can have fun with...likes to go out and do fun things....can get along with my friends...not ghetto...has a stable job...responsible...not jealous...I have to be able to trust him (meaning he's not a flirt - the guy in the picture's a flirt and I don't like that about him)....Want me to keep on going?

Hugo: Tell me more...

Me: He believes in compromise.....None of those "I can go out, but you can't." And he has to be sweet...not just sweet when it's just us...but sweet even when he's with his buddies....

Hugo: That's my friend all the way...

Me: Liar! No guy like that exists....Not the whole package, anyway....

Hugo: Ok, from what you have listed my friend is not a pretty boy but does take care of himself, heck we go do our nails together...He's a trip, we never stop laughing and we make the rest of the crowd laugh out-loud....we hung out have fun and we get along with a lot of people as long as they know how to act...he's got a job...he's a responsible...not jealous but then again, don't act a fool and no-one should be jealous...he's trust-worthy...he don't care if you go b/c we kick it too. he cool(sweet, whatever...same thing). There you go, everything you asked for, served on a platter...

Me: Of course you'll say that because he's your friend....

Hugo: No, I'd tell you the truth. I asking for too much? I think not! :-) Every girl has her list...that just happened to be mine. So maybe I'll never find him. It doesn't hurt to try, right?

Okay...well...I'm outta here for's about that time!

I still had some more stuff to write about...but I'll probably just do it later on home...or maybe tomorrow...


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