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2004-01-08 | 4:48 p.m.
<< Yay!!! >>


First of all...let me just say something really important:


So I got my passport today!!! Like....literally...I have it here...with me! This means I can go! And I can actually start planning for this this trip without any qualms as to if I really am going or not....and I can actually go shopping with Esmer without feeling bad because of this fear in me that I might not be able to go!'s the master plan: We leave for Galveston Sunday. Look around...sight see...and then Monday...the ship starts boarding at 1:30 p.m....and then off to Cozumel we go! Been looking through the brochures and the Carnival Cruise Lines Website...and it's just all sooo pretty!

Tomorrow, I have a half day to run some I'm not stressin' and trying to fit everything in one day on Saturday...

Today...during lunch...I tried to go to Target to see if they had swimming suits out it turns out...NO, THEY DON'T.'s my question: Where do I find swimming suits in January?! Hmmm....that is the question...

I have a couple of cute ones already...but that won't be enough...the rest of them are just old...and that certainly won't do...

Anyway, I'm just really excited.

And I hope everything goes just as I imagine it to be...and I hope everything runs bad luck...

I just need this, if only for a week!

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