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2004-01-07 | 5:27 p.m.
<< A good doze of Sun... >>

Wednesday... passport came in the mail today...YAY!!! :-)

The only thing is...I don't have it with me yet... :-(

I just found a card from the post man saying "Sorry we missed you." Since it's a certified mail...someone has to recieve it in person.

But that's long as I know that it's here. Hopefully everything still goes okay. I'm sure I'll get it by tomorrow...either the mailman delivers it to me...or I'll have to drive to the post office and pick it up. Eitherway...I'm having that thing in my hands by tomorrow!

Anyhow...I've spent maybe a good hour looking through the Carnival website and reading all the rules and regulations...things to know...stuff like that.

Man...this trip is going to leave me broke! So hopefully I have fun and everything will be worth it.

I'm taking a half day on Friday so I can finish running errands...since we're taking my car to Galveston, I still need to get the poor thing oil changed and cleaned. I've been neglecting my baby lately...I think he needs to be spoiled, if only for one day. :-)

Oh...and I still have TONS of laundry to do!!! And I still have to get my hair a few stuff for the trip...YUP! This trip is going to leave me broke! Broke, but hopefully happy...and refreshed...and relaxed.

You know the what the weird part of it all is? I really just want to relax...soak up some sun....while sipping on a pina colada and reading a good the the beach...and soak in all that good view.

All my friends are talking about partying till they pass out...and yeah...that sounds fun and all...but, I do that here...almost every weekend!

I'm really just looking forward to relaxing...

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