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2004-01-05 | 5:01 p.m.
<< Please let things fall into place... >>


Ahhh...the pressure!!! I was finally able to get my mails this morning...the mailman was kind enough to tell me what time he will be delivering our mail so that he can show me which one was mine...after a few research online and a phone call.

Still don't have the passport in the mail. :-(

And already I'm sh*ttin' bricks!

Esmer wanted to go shopping for some swimsuits and cute summer outfits this Wednesday...Nelson keeps saying he can't wait till the cruise...and here I am with this heavy feeling in my chest...because of this fear that I might not be able to go.

After all the planning...and the anticipation...and the just boils down to this!

Last night before I went to bed...I prayed hard and long that this passport will come this heavy feeling would go away. Is he actually listening to me? Will it be there when I check on my mail tomorrow? I just wish I knew everything will turn out alright...that my luck is not as bad as I think it is. I just need this so much. Just the thought of getting away for at least a week...just relaxing...soaking up all that sun...letting all that good view sink in my memories...good company...and just the thought that I might not be able to experience all that just makes me wanna cry!

I just wish everything falls into place for once...

All day I've been calling the freakin' Philippine Consulate so that I can find out the status...if they've mailed it out...if there are any problems prohibiting my passport to get here already...I keep getting a voicemail...have left numerous messages asking them to call me back...I have sent a couple of e-mails...and still NOTHING! What do I have to do?! What do I have to go through? Already I'm running out of patience...because I'm afraid that I'm gonna run out of time!

I just need this...and if anyone's up there...listening to me...please help a poor girl out... :-(

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