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2003-12-30 | 9:25 a.m.
<< Passport, PLEASE! >>


I'm stressin' right now...I don't know where my freakin' mails are going!!! The maiboxes in the entrance of the condo are NOT numbered! How dumb is that?! And so I thought....Okay...maybe it's the mailboxes downstairs. That one was numbered...but none of the keys they gave me are I can't even open THAT up!!!

The packets with all the cruise information are coming today...I got the catalog yesterday...making me wish for this passport all the more...

I just wanna be SURE that I'm going. I just wanna make SURE nothing goes wrong. I JUST WANT TO BE ABLE TO GO ON THIS FREAKIN' TRIP!!! I want this so bad.

Please, God. If you're listening. PLEASE, help my passport get here already!!!

And Beannie's, too!

I need to calm down, but I'm stressin' so much I just can't...

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