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2003-12-30 | 3:21 p.m.
<< Still praying... >>


So we got the boarding passes for the cruise today...And I'm hoping I get my passport on time...and I'm stressin' all the more... :-(

I know I should have done this thing a lot sooner...but I thought I was giving it time by giving it a month when they clearly said it was gonna take 2 weeks. That's enough time, right?

Hopefully my luck turns and I get that passport in the mail...that and I figure out where my freakin' mails are going!

I'm going to Nelson's tonight to drop off the boarding passes and the I guess we'll see how that goes. He said, "Bye, sweetie" as we were hanging up...Ugh! Why does he have to be such a player for?! I guess that'd be just too simple for me...and I know full well by now that my life is not simple in any way, shape, or form...

If it was, I'd have this freakin' passport in my hand by now...

Please let it get here soon...

Cindy wants to go to Humperdinks tonight, so I guess we'll see about that as well. The Mavs play and it'll be cool to watch it for a little bit and have a couple of drinks....we haven't done that in a while...

I guess we'll see...

I'm outta here in about 20 minutes...YES!!!

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