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2003-12-29 | 5:07 p.m.


CJ came by and dropped off some brochures for my cruise...and as I was flippin' through it, I had this urge to start crying...Why? Because I don't know if my passport will get here on time!!! And this waiting and not knowing is driving me absolutely insane!!!


I hope so so so much everything goes as planned...I want this sooo much...I need this! That's all I've been looking forward to the past few months! It just has to fall into place...(crossing my fingers and praying really hard)

So I trained Bob again today...and it was fun! Again...the dumb ass had me laughing. We were turning this whole training thing into a game...and I found myself becoming less conscious and more into just having fun and laughing. Bob...he's something else. But I know it's not going anywhere past this. If you know would know that my luck necessarily doesn't work that easily.

But he just has this way of leaning into you...and making your knees weak when he does...or looking at you and smiling like he knows what you're's really sexy and unnerving all at once...

Tomorrow's the last day of training...and then he goes back to night shifts...and my fun at work will come to an end... :-(

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