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2003-12-26 | 3:35 p.m.
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My Christmas was momma's on the other side of the world with the rest of my family...but Beannie was with me...and my Little it was all good...

Christmas Eve...I made a little Christmas dinner...drank some wine while I was cooking...I almost drank the whole bottle by myself... :-) Almost. Peter and Cindy helped me. Her and the Kids came by on the Eve and we opened presents and watched "Old School" again...and fell asleep on the couch halfway through the movie...

Christmas Day...we spent with Peter's family. David was there. We all hung out, which was cool. His new girlfriend supposedly "surprised" him by coming in town unexpectedly...which was fine. But he was leaving in the morning! Meaning...she drove 4 hours just to spend a couple of hours with him before they both go back to Austin the next day. Chizzles and Beannie thinks it's because she heard our voices in the background and got extremely she went on a whim. We finally met her last night...and she does look like she'd be the jealous type. We all went to DMX. Which was okay...I really wasn't in the mood to go...but the grandparents were taking care of Beannie was free...and Chizzles wanted to go so bad. Needless to say, I got dragged along with them.

I must have seemed like a total b*tch last night...I just wasn't in the mood to party...but I tried to have fun for my girls' sake. Anyway...all these guys would just come behind me and try to dance with me....and I would have to turn them down...tell them no...move away...something for them to get the freakin' hint. I absolutely hate aggressive guys. They just freak me out! This club was full of them...which did not help my mood at all.

Then towards the end they started putting all these slow jams...and I would glance at Ricky's old bar...and remember when we both worked there...and I would hang out at the bar when it's closing down...the roses he'd buy for me and have the girls deliver them to was all good. I don't know why he just changed on me all of a sudden. I started thinking about where he was at...what he was doing...which, I know I shouldn't be thinking all that AT ALL. After all he's done to me. He doesn't deserve my thoughts! But the place just made me remember.

So...I'm very tired today...and I'll probably just make it a Blockbuster night tonight and go to bed early.

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